Navigator Healthcare Enrollment Program
Criminal Justice Involved Populations

Program Overview


The ASPIN Criminal Justice Involved Populations Navigator Program is funded by an Open Society Foundation (OSF ) grant  to review and enhance the coordination of inmate healthcare enrollment in Indiana.

 This funding will enable ASPIN to advance these objectives by monitoring pre-release insurance sign-ups for inmates in small jails, adopting appropriate processes, assisting in the implementation of an enacted enrollment law, training about the process and assuring there is a smooth process in place for the post-incarceration re-entry services.

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HEA 1269 Overview

Organizations Working with Criminal Justice Involved Populations:

 Part 1- Presumptive Eligibility—Uses Medicaid coverage exemption that says an incarcerated individual who is expected to be hospitalized for 24 hours or more is not considered an inmate during the hospitalization and can be covered by Medicaid.

Part 2- Authorized Representative—Sheriff may assist an offender that is incarcerated for less than 30 days to apply for Medicaid HIP – (Healthy Indiana Plan) and act as the offender’s authorized representative.

Part 3– Medicaid Application—Sheriff shall before discharge or release from county jail  - an offender incarcerated for at least 30 days shall assist the offender in applying for Medicaid – this can be done as the authorized representative or by a health navigator.

Part 4– Behavioral Health Screening—Securing treatment for offenders who have been diagnosed with a mental illness or addictive disorder.